LED edge-lit snap frame light boxes for backlighted film graphics and signs. 20mm, and 30mm frame widths, and sizes up to 52" x 100".

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  1. 30mm Snap Frame Light Box30mm Snap Frame Light Box

    30mm Snap Frame Light Box

    These All-Aluminum snapframe lightboxes will bring to life any image printed for backlit light boxes.  Using LED edge-lit technology, these frames are energy efficient, and cool running. For use with graphic sizes ranging from 11"x17" up to 52" x 100".

  2. 20mm Snap Frame Light Box20mm Snap Frame Light Box

    20mm Snap Frame Light Box

     These Slimline Lightboxes focus attention on the images and not  on the frame. They feature an All-Aluminum frame, and use our LED edge-lit technology for a thin frame depth.  Ideal for smaller frame sizes and have a lower total weight than our Standard Frame Lightboxes.  For use with translucent film gaphic sizes ranging from 8.5" x 11" up to 24" x 36".

2 Item(s)